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With such a large cast of characters, many different pairings are possible, and indeed, many love polygons take place. Here, me and some other people who've seen the series (just Morgan for now, but more people to come!) comment on every possible pairing! Or at least the ones we feel like commenting on.

Organized alphabetically: in each pairing, the one that comes first alphabetically comes first, and then each pairing is organized alphabetically from there. You can figure it out :)

Ayato x Elvy
  • Maddie: Lol, yes!!! She totally was going to confess her love on that TV in episode 26, you know it. Lock on, Elvy. Lock on all night long :D
  • Morgan: Independent woman!
Ayato x Haruka
  • Maddie: What, are you crazy? These two sooo don't belong together.
  • Morgan: I was rooting for them since episode one. Stalkers can be nice people, once you give them a chance!
Ayato x Hiroko
  • Maddie: If I were here, I totally would've run the second he told me he'd protect me. Because frankly, he kinda sucks at that.
  • Morgan: They were cute. She comes off as a pawn though.
Ayato x Itsuki
  • Maddie: Ew, twincest!
  • Morgan: o_O They don’t even look good together.
Ayato x Mamoru
  • Maddie: Except for the whole "I'm only your friend because the Mu paid me!" thing. Which is actually really sad, since it means Ayato didn't have real friends. Tear!
  • Morgan: No way, he broke Ayato’s secretly secretly Mamoru-crushing heart. Now he’s all emo (well, more than he was before).
Ayato x Megumi
  • Maddie: Could've worked, if only they could both agree on condiment use...*sigh*
  • Morgan: Soda brings together people all the time.
Ayato x Sayoko
  • Maddie: Ayato x Sayoko's boobs? He sure does like them.
  • Morgan: How old was she?
Ayato x Quon
  • Maddie: Ew!! Oedipal shipping! The scary thing is that she actually does like him. Which is why I hate Quon. Nyeh!
  • Morgan: Until you realize, you know, there’s some definite relation between them, I was all for the Ayato and Quon. (I personally love Quon. I wish I could walk around being mystical and beautiful.) All familial relations aside, I think they’d be cute~! (P.S. I am so sick)
Ayato x RahXephon
  • Maddie: OTP!! XDD
  • Morgan: (What is she smoking?)
Cathy x John/Jeff
  • Maddie: Once Cathy gets past saying racist things, it could work. Mehbeh.
  • Morgan: People can pair the most minor characters. But how do they do it?
Cathy x Elvy
  • Maddie: Um...if you want.
  • Morgan: The blonde Caucasian with the unrealistic bust that somehow fit in the tiny bathing suit? Seriously, I’m scarred. Don’t do it!
Doni (Donny?) x Elvy
  • Maddie: Philip Banks sums this up better than I ever could, so I'll just quote him: "Who wasn't expecting the largely background extra who suddenly comes to prominance and makes optimistic plans for the future to not get it in the neck shortly thereafter?" Especially after what JUST HAPPENED in the previous episode.
  • Morgan: It was short lived. Oh well!
Itsuki x Makoto:
  • Maddie: I can see a LOT of people shipping these two. They are just begging to be shipped by yaoi fangirls. But I, sadly, am not a Yaoi fangirl.
  • Morgan: I’m betting they’re a secret item. I BET. Ew though. Another thing I’m not into. Maybe I’m biased
  • Morgan: First scene he was in I was just thinking: "Dang it, why is everyone into this yaoi thingy?".
  • Maddie: I know!!
  • Maddie: What was with that thing in the waterfall?
  • Maddie: Makoto: *leer*
  • Morgan: I know, the laboratory/waterfall scene I was almost positive they had some secret relationship ties.
  • Morgan: Like when they were talking about sneaking out at night. o_o
  • Maddie: ...omg that was soooo freaky.
  • Maddie: I was like "And you were doing WHAT now?"
  • Morgan: Really though!
  • Maddie: And then you find out it was not to shag but to watch strange clay creatures.
  • Maddie: Which was sort of reassuring.
  • Morgan: It was a let down and a relief at the same time.
  • Morgan: No...maybe just a relief.
Itsuki x Sayoko
  • Maddie: It wouldn't last. Sayoko's too clingy. Not even her large cleavage can make up for that.
  • Morgan: Something about Itsuki says “gay tendencies” through the whole series. I don’t know what it is! Maybe he’s just completely closed off to women. Who knows.
Itsuki x Quon:
  • Maddie: Eeeww!! What's with the whole "I've finally found the Blue bird?" The blue bird was in Kunugi's office the whole series, you idiot!
  • Morgan: What’s up with all the familial romance in this series? Seriously. Chill the frig out. Last time I checked there wasn’t a death of the father and marrying the mother. So. SERIOUSLY. (I…I still like AyatoxQuon though.)
Kim x Megumi
  • Maddie: Um...if you want.
  • Morgan: If you’re into that sort of thing? Which I’m not.
Kim x Souichi
  • Maddie: He SO knocked her up. Anyway, they should get better about talking about their relationship, especially to other people. Although I could understand if there was some "No Inter-coworker Dating" policy at TERRA, but it really doesn't look like it.
  • Morgan: Quit being elusive and just TELL people you’re an item. It’ll save the emotional strain.
Kuki x Maya
  • Maddie: Too bad Maya already has a man in her life...Ayato! XDD OMG kill me now I sicken myself.
  • Morgan: I thought Kuki was a delusional, psychopathic nerd. And Maya is too busy being sexy, mysterious, and ruling her own species. :>
  • Maddie: And composing the soundtrack too.
Kuki x Miwa
  • Maddie: This could work if they actually showed any emotion to each other, ever, except for surprise over whatever RahXephon does.
  • Morgan: Their uniforms match. Aww. Precious.
Maya x Watari:
  • Maddie: I bet it was a really bitter divorce. I mean, the custody battles alone shut off a large city from the rest of the world!
  • Morgan: Sucks to Ayato when he realizes his dad married his aunt for a time.
Macondo x Yoknapatawpha
  • Maddie: OTP!!!!!!!!!!
  • Morgan: “Beeenngooh!” Or that’s what Maddie tells me.

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