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Hopefully this should clear things up. (For Japanese characters, I guess I'm using the last names first. Dunno why.) I added the Timeline from the RahXephon bible into it, the rest is my deductions, or things that people in the series have said.

A Long time ago (Tens of Thousands of Years?) Ernst von Bahbem, while in the land of the Mu, creates the RahXephon System. Talented guy. Then, in order to actually see his system come into being, starts body-switching.
1576 The Bahbem Foundation is fouded by Ernst von Bahbem of the Naacal Trading Company
1959 ~ Bahbem gains the technology to create Dolems
1989 Maya and Quon are sent to the Shrine on Nirai Island from the Mu world to be Ollins. Dr. Rikudoh makes the discovery. Human Specimen #1 (Quon) is registered. Maya is age 10.
1994 Maya (age 15) awakens.
1996 Maya (age 17) leaves Rikudoh's house and joins The Bahbem Foundation.
1998, July 3rd Using M-type Sample #1 (Quon's DNA) and the DNA of Professor Kamina Shirou, the twin Ollins, Ayato and Itsuki, are created.
???? Kamina Shirou and Rikudoh Maya get married.
2009 Ayato participates in the National Painting Contest.

Also, I'm pretty sure the episode "Child Hood's End" takes place.
2012, Dec. 28th End of Mayan age of Khatun (sp?).

The Mu appear over Tokyo.
(before TJ)
Kuki, while still a National Defense Colonel, orders Kunugi to detonate a hydrogen bomb on the Mu, despite the risk of collateral damage. Kunugi complies (he has no choice really), and many innocents are killed, including his own daughter, Michiru, which leads to the divorce between him and his wife Mariko. Kuki shoves all the blame onto Kunugi and dissapears (to go to Tokyo to help with the shadow government), and Kunugi is fired. His old teacher, Kamina/Watari Shirou, invites him to join TERRA.

At this time, the Dolem Ritardando appears in Australia, resulting in six million casualties (including Mr. and Mrs. Hotal).
2013, Feb. Maya creates Tokyo Jupiter (Huracan-Tucur?). At this time, Haruka and her mother (pregnant with Megumi) are away visiting relatives. Later, Megumi is born.
2017 Haruka enters college (taking Megumi to Nara with her) and meets Itsuki.
2021, March Haruka graduates from college and is assigned to TERRA. She and Megumi move in with their uncle, Rikudoh.
2027, Nov. 11
2015, July 4 TJ
Operation Overlord commences (1st movement)
2015, July 5~6 (2nd movement)
2015, July 7 Ayato flees Tokyo Jupiter (3rd movement)
2027, Nov. 26 Battle against Dolem Grave (4th movement)
2027, Dec. 24 Battle against Dolem Sforzando (8th movement)
2028, Jan. 1 Ayato and Quon dissapear inside the Small Shrine of Time (9th movement)
2028, March 21 Kunugi visits his daugher's grave (10th movement)

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