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Watching the show, and all of a sudden these people talk about Eeshtorees and Ah-leens and you have no idea what the hell they're talking about? This is the place to be!

I try to explain vague terms here, but for many of these, more information will be on the Allusions section.
  • Aliel - spelling? A fighter drone used by TERRA. See WIRBELWIND and EIDOLON.
  • Dandelion Girl - A sci-fi short story by Robert F. Young. It is an influence on the show, from the time-travelling romance to the visual of a girl in a dandelion-yellow dress looking over a cliff. Read it here.
  • Eidolon - a fighter drone used by TERRA. An "eidolon" is also the astral double of living beings. Confused? Me too. Check out the Wikipedia entry. See WIRBELWIND and ALIEL
  • Hirainipra (sp?) - The floating Mu city
  • Huracan-Tucur - Bahbem refers to Tokyo Jupiter as this in the movie. Derivation unknown; I'm guessing it's Nahuatl. Note: Huracan is spanish for Hurricane, if that's any help.
  • Ixtli - Nahuatl for "face". The meaning of the word can also mean a priest or priestess, since they are people who take on the "face" of a god to speak for them. Note: Ixtli-Mishima says things like "Reika Mishima is the false name of the true face," "I am the face of yours which you still can't see," "If an Ollin can find me at 17, the true face is Ixtli" and "I am only the true face."
  • Kamina - "'name of the gods'. While I don't know or speak Japanese I have picked up fragments enough to know that Kami usually gets associated with the divine or godly. So I really should have caught this almost immediately when the series started but somehow it managed to slip by till Futugami, our loveable if annoying reporter character, explicitly points it out to Haruka” (Philip R. Banks).
  • Lilya Litvak - the name of the TERRA's aircraft carrier. Named for the "White Rose of Stalingrad", a female ace fighter pilot. Her first name has several different spellings. Go here to see a biography, or here for the Wikipedia entry.
  • Macondo - Macondo Four is the codename of one of the Mu agents who seeks after Ayato in the first episode. Macondo also is the name used in the novels of Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez for his hometown. See YOKNAPATAWPHA (and try to spell it ^_~)
  • Naacal - a Mu brotherhood of priests who were sent from the motherland to the colonies to teach them their writings and stuff. Hence, Bähbem is a “Brother of Naacal” (Note: Naacal is not a guy who is Bahbem’s brother, which is what I actually thought for a bit).
  • Nahuatl - language of the Aztecs. Still spoken by about 1.5 million people in Mexico.
  • Nasca - The Nasca were an ancient civilization living in the desert near Peru. The most famous legacy of their civilization is the mysterious line drawings and geoglyphs they left behind in the desert. Check them Out. A "Nascan geoglyph" is left behind by Ritardando in episode 6.
    Finally, those weird articles I had to read in Dime DOS had some use!! (Anybody else remember "Los enigmaticos disenos de los Nasca"?)
  • Neriya - the Ruins at Nirai Kanai where Watari Shirou investigated before Tokyo Jupiter's formation, Found here were Quon's black egg and the Octahedron that acts as a transport for Ayato into RahXephon.
  • Ollin - Nahuatl for "movement". There are two possible reasons for this word. The first (and more likely) one is an Aztec prophecy that says our civilization will be destroyed by a massive earthquake, or "nahuatl ollin", literally translated as "movement of the earth". The other is after "ollin tonatiuh," the Aztec sun god. According to Aztec mythology, we are still in his era.
  • Rah - The Egyptian god of the sun and creation. The ancient Egyptians thought that he created the world, so the rising sun became a symbol of creation and the daily cycle of the sun's path across the sky became a symbol of renewal. Thus, when Xephon gains the title of "Rah" (as Mamoru said when he was talking to Kunugi, anyway), it gains the ability to recreate (ahem, tune) the world.
  • TERRA - The organization, affiliated with the Earth Alliance and sponsored by the Bahbem Foundation, fights the Mu. TERRA is an acronym for "Tereno Empireo Rapidmova Reakcii Armeo," which is Esperanto (a language created by the UN with the intention of being a "universal language") for "Earth Empire Rapid Response Army."
  • Wirbelwind - a fighter drone used by TERRA. See EIDOLON and ALIEL
  • Xephon - According to the sign in the subway in the first episode, the kanji for the word mean "music" and "world" so Xephon should mean something like "music of the world".
  • Yoknapatawpha - Yoknapatawpha Two is code name for one of the Mu agents from episode 1. It also was the name used in the novels of American author William Faulkner for his home region of N. Mississippi. Now try to spell it :). See MACONDO
  • Yolteotl - A nahuatl word with several different meanings, including "an artist's heart" "the heart of all" or "a heart made divine". It is a heart that is thought to replace the human heart when the individual becomes enlightened.

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