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Well, I'm pretty lazy, so there's not really much info here yet.

What there is is a link to get a fansub version for those people who (wisely) do not wish to shell out $30 to actually own a legal copy. So, if you become gleeful at the prospect of piracy, go here and click on the link third from the very very bottom (and try to look past the other juicy subs :3) You'll need BitTorrent to download it and I believe a player that can play Matroska video files to watch it (don't worry, both can be downloaded for free).

Although, if you DO want to see it legally, you can buy it here.

Do not get your expectations up. About half, maybe more, of the movie is just using animation from the series (which still means half is new, but still). It is basically a "What if?", a retelling of the original series squeezed into about two hours. The result netted mixed reactions. It's still a worthy watch for RahXephon fans, as it nets a little more insight onto some corners of the series and what may have happened behind the scenes and wasn't shown (although most of it must be disregarded, since this is an entirely differerent timeline, and there would be many contradictions). Just don't set yourself up for dissapointment, kay? :)

Well, what is the point, you may say? Well, it is this:


To see Ayato and Haruka get it on!!! XDD

(PS:Yes, I am planning on parodying the movie in the future).

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