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Unlike most series, the RahXephon manga was made after the anime. It is also condensed into three volumes. All three are licensed by Viz, and you can preview the first chapter or so here.

I happen to own the first volume. It's extremely fanservicey, but also much more lighthearted and funny than the series.

Some changes: Mishima Reika is not so much of a mysterious figure, and instead is simply a childhood friend whom Ayato's mother brought home to live with them when she was a girl. She also has a large crush on Ayato, even though he sees her as a sister type. Haruka is a ditz, Quon is well-known as a player, and everyone seems to be obsessed with Wizard of Oz metaphors (and yes, there are more).

Other characters: Kunugi, Makoto, and Itsuki.

At the end, there's a short "making-of" featurette where Mr. Momose angsts about having to draw so many robots, when he just wants to draw all panty shots all the time. The result?

Also note, name confusion! It mostly goes given name, surname, but on Haruka's cell phone it says "Kisaragi Itsuki". Naughty naughty translators!! :D
I really don't have info on the other two volumes, but I wonder how it'll turn out, and how much will be changed from the original series plotline.

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