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Celebrating New Years, everyone goes to the beach (yet again). Thinking he saw Mishima, Ayato wonders off with Quon, eventual reaching ancient ruins in the woods. Quon wanders in, and Ayato heads after her. While Itsuki, goaded by Makoto, tries to see if he can control RahXephon himself, Sayoko, who had investigated Mokoto to no avail is confronted by him. Itsuki has no luck controlling RahXephon as the power goes haywire and a bizarre spectre-like being looking like Mishima appears from the water surrounding RahXephon. Days pass with Ayato and Quon still nowhere to be found. [At first, Megumi thinks that Ayato and Quon are just fooling around, lol]. Haruka, searching near the ruins meet Futagami, who tells her about 2 women in Tokyo being 'spirited away' many years before. Terra eventually calls off the search with no findings, but Haruka heads to the ruins once more herself. Inside, Quon meets Mishima, who calls her an 'Orin' and 'Arbiter' like Ayato. Ayato finds himself falling towards Tokyo Jupiter, but upon hearing Haruka humming to himself, fantastically just appears right outside of the ruins along with Quon, like only five minutes had passed.

(Thanks RahXephon Online!)


Things to Note
  • A Kamikakushi is a Japanese superstition that when a child disappears and is either difficult to find or is found without any memory, it is because a supernatural being hid them. Note: Spirited Away was originally called Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, or Sen and Chihiro's Kamikakushi, in case you need an example of this.
  • If someone could give me a translation of Futagami's notes from his notebook, I would be MEGA thankful!!! :D
  • Kim makes a pretty important plot-wise comment on the beach. Listen to her!
  • Lol, SayokoxMakoto OTP!!
  • Futagami seems to be speculating that Ayato wished the kamikakushi upon him by wanting to go back to Tokyo Jupiter; or that perhaps Ayato being in Tokyo Jupiter was a kamikakushi of itself and that now Ayato's dissapeared again right after getting out.
  • Why is Itsuki so angry when Sayoko tells him to cheer up? I'm betting it's because he couldn't pilot Xephon. (You'll see why he tried later on).
  • Most of what Mishima/Ixtli and Quon talk about is too vague to be important, so don't worry if you don't understand it. Just remember that Quon is an Ollin too! (You'll see more later).
  • Yes, the two girls Quon sees when the egg cracks are the two girls of the "Un-kamikakushi" Futagami talks about.


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Their Daily Lives - start of episode
  • Khatun no Sadame - music on Haruka's stereo/Headphones
  • Misty Midnight - Futagami talks with Haruka at the shrine
  • Solitudes - Sayoko tries to get Itsuki to cheer up; Dinner
  • ??? (acoustic version of Yume no Tamago that Quon played at the Xmas party) - Quon inside the cave (not on OST)
  • ??? - Leaving the cave (not on OST)
  • He Feels Uneasy - Sayoko and Makoto at the bar
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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