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Bitterly Cold Holy Night (The Dreaming Stone)


While examining the remains of the Dolem destroyed in the last episode, Itsuki finds a beautiful stone. With Christmas approaching, he gives it to Sayoko as a gift. He also stops by the beach, where everyone is relaxing and informs them of a party at his place on Christmas Eve. Suddenly, it mysteriously starts snowing, something that never happens on Nirai Kanai. While shopping, Megumi talks to Kim about her sister Haruka, complaining about her sometimes immature attitude, like when she got a gift for a guy but never gave it to him. Meanwhile, Haruka gives Ayato, who has no winter clothes, a pair of gloves.

Sayoko, thinking that Haruka is after Itsuki, is completely unaware as the stone given to her grows and eventually transforms into an entire Dolem, with her trapped inside. Ayato is sent out to defeat it, but is reluctant to fight, not wanting to kill Sayoko. Held down by the Dolem's attack, Ayato finds new strength when Mishima suddenly appears with the gloves Haruka gave him and defeats the Dolem while leaving Sayoko unharmed. The mysterious snow, brought about by the Dolem completely vanishes with its defeat.

[We also learn that Sayoko apparently did a bad thing to her brother and father, but this episode is vague on the details.]

That night everyone goes to Itsuki's where Megumi is surprised to find that Haruka gave that 'gift', the gloves, to Ayato. [Also, Itsuki seems to think Haruka has a crush on Ayato, and he feels jealous.]

(Thanks RahXephon Online!)


Things to Note
  • 5-O means RahXephon.
  • When Kunugi and Watari talk, we learn that Kunugi knows something...but it's a massive spoiler, so I won't say what!
  • This isn't really a notable thing, but I just wanna say, poor Megu!!! *sob*
  • Wait...is Sayoko a Murian? (honest question here)
  • We learn that Sayoko has a crush on Itsuki and Haruka likes someone else in her workspace but won't say who.
  • Watari's comments about Xephon being like a sun relate back to its comparisons to Rah, the Egyptian sun god, and Ollin Toniatiuh (sp?), the Aztec sun god.
  • There seems to be a theme here of girls having crushes on blissfully ignorant guys (*counts three*).
  • SPOILER WARNING!!! Do not read the rest of this bullet point if you have not seen all 26 episodes.
    Haruka originally made the gloves for Ayato as a Christmas present back in 2012, but was never able to give them to him because he was subsequently sealed inside Tokyo Jupiter. So Haruka finally got to give them to him. How sweeet :)


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Members Only - Everyone at the beach
  • ??? - When it starts snowing (not on OST)
  • Misty Midnight - Futagami and Makoto at the bar
  • ??? - When Kim and Megu go out shopping (not on OST)
  • The Tremendous Egg - Sayoko's necklace first starts reacting
  • Magic Handling - When the Dolem appears
  • ??? (another acoustic version of Yume no Tamago?) - Quon plays during the party.
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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