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Day of Assembly (Phantom In the Cloud)


Watari and Kunugi head back to Nirai Kanai with Futagami, the reporter from Yamato Communications at the Press Conference, who has been allowed to investigate Terra. Also arriving is the Alpha Squad, who join up with the promoted Elvy to replace her fallen comrades. [Also, a scene between Itsuki and Makoto that reeks shounen-ai.] Ayato meets Futagami while getting Ramune, but has to head out to fight an approaching Dolem. Futagami heads to Rikudo's house, where they meet and talk about 'Kamina Ayato'. The Alpha Squad and RahXephon attack the Dolem and after doing battle with Dotems, tiny Dolems released by the larger one, its true form is revealed and Ayato is able to defeat it. He meets Futagami again, who is shocked to find that this is the Kamina Ayato he had been talking about.

(Thanks RahXephon Online!)


Things to Note
  • Plausible theory of mine: The Tokyo Jupiter Ayato sees when battling the Dolem was an illushion created by Ixtli to movivate him :)


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Their Daily Lives - Start of episode on plane
  • Members Only - Ayato talks to Sayoko
  • Solitudes - Itsuki and Makoto talk on boat
  • 12 Years - Ayato talks to Futagami
  • Magic Handling - Terra's forces head out to fight the Dolem
  • ??? (From the Haruka fight) - When they fight the Dotems
  • Face Lost - Ayato/RahXephon saves Elvy from the evil song!!!
  • The Chariot - Ayato kills the Dolem
  • ??? (Yume no Tamago remix from when Ayato and Haruka rode that bike in episode 3) - End of episode (not on OST)
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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