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Obliterated Cities (Lost Songs Forgotten Melodies)


A Dolem, which originally appeared 14 years ago, starts attacking cities in Australia, killing millions of people. This is important to Terra employee Kim Hotal, whose parents were killed in an attack by that Dolem during that strike 14 years before. Using an unauthorized sound sample of the Dolem, she finds that it was attacking in a pattern described by its music, and Terra's able to figure out where it will attack next. Meanwhile, we are introduced to Terra higher-up Watari Shirou, who along with Kunugi meets a mysterious benefactor named Barbem. [We also learn that, despite what she said earlier in the episode about wanting a boyfriend, she already has one -- Souichi. Oh yeah, he is also the temporary Commander-in-Chief whilst Kunugi's away for that conference]. Terra awaits for the Dolem to attack and when it does, Ayato (who had earlier argued with Kim about the very subject due to his reluctance to pilot) attacks the Dolem in RahXephon and although he has difficulty in his battle, is able to come out on top.

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Things to Note
  • The Nasca were an ancient civilization living in the desert near Peru. The most famous legacy of their civilization is the mysterious line drawings and geoglyphs they left behind in the desert. Check them Out.
  • Note how the light on Ayato's (tiiiight) pilot suit goes on and off depending on who's talking, part of the walkie talkie unit! Yay for detail!


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Bad News - Press Conference
  • ??? - Kim and Ayato fight during the meeting
  • The Tremendous Egg - Kim flashes back
  • ??? - Itsuki and Nanamori talk when Ayato's in RahXephon
  • Lovely Night - Kim gets out of the shower
  • Misty Midnight - Haruka and Elvy talk, waiting for the D-1
  • 12 Years - Kim flashbacks to her conversation with Ayato
  • Flew Over - RahXephon fights back, baby! :D
  • ??? - the end; Kim cleans the room
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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