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Nirai Kanai (On Earth as it is in Heaven)


The tests find Ayato's condition to be normal (outside of a mysterious mark on his stomach, which Quon has as well), so he is released and allowed to go to his new living quarters. Ayato refuses to go with Haruka, and instead goes with Itsuki, who is revealed to be Quon's brother. They head to his house on Nirai Kanai, where Ayato meets Itsuki's co-worker, Soyoko. Ayato is soon brought to where he'll be living, with Haruka's sister Megumi and their uncle, Rikudo. Megu shows Ayato around, although a rainstorm kinda spoils things. When Ayato gets back he finds Buchi among the things Quon had packed for him. Buchi runs to the door, as Haruka is just getting in. Ayato's surprised to see that Haruka's Megu's sister. After dinner, Ayato talks to Rikudo, who gives him a name plate to put on the door.


Things to Note
  • James Churchward wrote "Lost Continent of the Mu," about the apparently lost civilization of the Mu that used to live on a dissapeared continent whose civilization influenced that of the Aztecs, the Egyptians, and..whatever's in Burma. It's a classic example of bad anthropology.
  • Itsuki says that they just *call* the Invaders the Mu, but then they actually turn out to be the real Mu. Hrmmmm...
  • I believe what Rikudoh tells Megumi to always obey is the Golden Rule of Christianity.


  • Hemisphere (instrumental) - Recap (not on OST)
  • Bad News - Start of episode on plane
  • Borodin's "Polotsvian Dances" - Ayato alone in his room (not on OST)
  • Lovely Night - When Ayato meets everyone at Terra
  • Solitudes - Ayato leaves with Itsuki
  • Members Only - Haruka and Elvy out to lunch!
  • ??? - start of commercial break
  • My Soundscape - back from commercial break
  • ??? - Driving to Megu's house
  • 12 Years - Ayato and Megu at the ramune store
  • ??? - Haruka comes home (not on OST)
  • ??? - After dinner (not on OST)
  • ??? (Yume no Tamago Acoustic?) - What Quon's playing (not on OST)
  • Solitudes - End of episode
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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