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His Own Watch (Watch the Year Hand)


Ayato and Haruka arrive on the Litya Litovek with RahXephon, which is being taken for research by the Earth Alliance. Ayato meets Kunugi, leader of Terra, Makoto, from the Alliance, and Quon, a mysterious girl on the ship. After helping Ayato fix his watch for the correct time Haruka is confronted by Elvy, the only survivor of the attack in Tokyo Jupiter who wants to know if they wasted all those lives on just him. Ayato sees Kunugi and gets upset when he finds out what they're doing with RahXephon, but Kunugi says he has no rights over it whatsoever. Kunugi finds that Ayato is a Murian from tests done earlier on him, so he locks him up. A dolem approaches the ship however and none of Terra's forces have any success against it as it rams right through the ship. Suddenly, Ayato has a vision of Mishima as RahXephon breaks free on its own and reaches the Litya Litovek. Ayato gets in RahXephon and easily tears the Dolem to shreds. RahXephon is handed over to Terra and put in the care of Terra scientist Itsuki.


Things to Note
  • Quon's notes about the Barber Shop pole relate to the theme of red vs. blue throughout the series.


  • Hemisphere (instrumental) - Recap (not on OST)
  • Members Only - Ayato and Haruka arrive on Lilya Litvak
  • ??? - Haruka explains time to Ayato (not on OST)
  • ??? - Ayato meets Quon (not on OST)
  • ??? - Ayato meets Kunugi and Makoto (might be on OST)
  • ??? - The Dolem appears (might be on OST)
  • Lovely Night - Haruka talks to Ayato
  • Magic Handling - When the Dolem attacks
  • ??? (from when Haruka fights the government men) - When the Eidolons fight the Dolem
  • Invisible Motion - When RahXephon breaks free
  • The Chariot - When Ayato defeats the Dolem
  • Temptations - End of episode
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

Summary and Music thanks to RahXephon Online

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