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Mrs. Kamina says that she was waiting for Ayato’s blood to awaken within him. Mu General Guy (I think his name is Kuki) is shocked that Rah’s “FD Transfer Restoration figures” can be reversed, presumably by Fortissimo’s “Quantum Compression Response”. I’ve seen this episode three times and still don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Alegretto crashes through the wall of Rah’s Room and Mrs. Kamina floats to land on top of her. She sees Mishima on RX’s shoulder and is shocked. Fortissimo crashes through the wall and the debris flies toward Haruka, but Ayato reaches for her, causing RX to reach his hand in front of her and protect her. It then picks her up within a big glowing ball. RX flies out through the hole in the celing and is followed by Fortissimo. Maya calls Mishima “Ixtli” (the Ixtli thing is confusing, I know). Mishima/Ishtori tells RX to sing its forbidden song to unite all things one day. Fortissimo sends an energy ball in RX’s path. Mishima/Ishtori has disappeared and Ayato sees her neck ribbon float down (NB: least convincing death scene ever!!!). Ayato wigs out. Mu General Lady says that the Xephon Quantum Gauge is exceeding its limit (Level 12 plus). Kuki is shocked and says, “It’s resonating with the Aria?!?” Fortissimo fires another energy ball but Ayato’s wig-out is so strong that RX forms a protective barrier, then strangles Fortissimo. Fortissimo explodes and the lady with the red dress and Aztec headpiece dissipates. General lady says “The Quantum Gauge is showing a steady decline; it’s fusing with the border; a gateway has formed!” RX escapes through a glowing hole in the sky.
Ayato wakes up on a beach, and wigs out at the image of RahXephon kneeling over him. Haruka shows what Tokyo Jupiter is.
Haruka and Ayato then go shopping, er, raiding abandoned stores. Enter THE PURPLE OUTFIT OF DEATH!!! Thank God for Haruka's good taste.
Haruka explains to Ayato that there is a time shift between Tokyo Jupiter and the "real world"; that the real world is about 12 years ahead of Tokyo (Real world: November 10th, 2027 Tokyo Jupiter: July 2015). A reference to Urashima Taro is made. Haruka also says that all of Ayato's friends and family are still living inside Tokyo Jupiter.
The next morning, Ayato runs away ;_;. He comes across a phone which rings; somehow, his mother called him. She says the people who are destroying Tokyo will try to make him forget and hate her, and that he should not trust them.
Haruka finds him. She explains that Tokyo Jupiter is very far away and that it would take too much energy to get inside, so they can't take him back just yet. Ayato curses :)
Haruka finds a cat and begs Ayato to let her keep it.
Haruka hears a plane and sets the boat on fire as a signal. The next day, the Lilya Litvak, an aircraft carrier for TERRA, the Strategic Institution of the Earth Alliance Against Mu, where Haruka works, arrives to pick them up.


Things to Note
  • Lilya Litovak - TERRA's aircraft carrier and a famous Russian female fighter pilot.
  • It says "bones," the name of the animation studio, on a box of food in the store.


  • Hemisphere - Opening Theme
  • Temptation - Beginning; Ayato talks with his mommy
  • Flew Over - Ayato/Xephon grabs Haruka
  • The Chariot - Xephon kills his first Dolem!! *sniff* We're so proud.
  • He Feels Uneasy - Ayato wakes up on the beach
  • 12 Years - After Haruka and Ayato fall in the water
  • ??? - Haruka and Ayato go shopping (not on OST)
  • ??? - Haruka and Ayato talk on the boat at night (not on OST)
  • My Soundscape - After the Commercial Break
  • Lovely Night - After Ayato runs away
  • Murians - Maya calls Ayato
  • ??? - Haruka and Ayato bike back (Yume no Tamago melody; not on OST)
  • Terra - End of episode; the Lilya Litvak arrives.
  • Yume no Tamago - Ending theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Song

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