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Far Beyond Eternity (Time Enough For Love)


OMG t3h finale!

Ayato wakes up in Yoteotl on top of that Magritte painting, with no memory of his past life. Notably, he ends up at Manseibashi Sation, the place where he first met Haruka in the series.

In the real world, Quon-Xephon attacks an unresponsive Ayato-Xephon. At the church, Helena (or...Bahbem?) tells Itsuki she loves him. Which could be on a lot of different levels. Sayoko stabs Itsuki and tells him she loves him. Itsuki, you cad. Helena/Bahbem tells Sayoko she programmed her (v7.34) to love Itsuki.

Watari sets Michiru free.

Haruka flies up in a plane to see Ayato one last time, but Ayato kills her in a Gamma blast. So much for protecting her! The same blast also hits Hiranipra.

Futagami confronts Bahbem (in Helena's body, kay) outside the Church. Apparently, the Vermillions and the Ds were just insurance in case something happened with the RahXephon system (IE the Ollins died, something drastic, etc.). Bahbem says he created the RahXephon system a long time ago while in the world of the Mu, which would appear when the Mayan age of Khatun (sp?) came to an end, which is December 28th, 2012. Bahbem sees himself as the "Creator" since he created what created the world.

Haruka wakes up in that weird curtained room from "Nightmare", with Maya watching her. Maya explains (okay, my interpretation here) that if Haruka never existed, then Ayato never would have seen the outside world, and he would have loved his mommy most (awww), therefore Ixtli would take on Maya's appearance and they would live together in Yolteotl as mommy and son. But Ayato didn't wish for mommy, did he? So Maya created Tokyo Jupiter and erased Ayato's memory in an effort to preserve her intentions, but it didn't work, since Ayato still had the memories of Haruka somewhere in the back of his brain (hence the painting).(end interpretation) Ayato wished for the memories he had with Haruka that Maya erased. Maya lets Haruka go to Ayato, since she loves him enough that his happiness is more important.

Quon and Ayato emerge on a street in the middle of a sea. On a TV, first Megumi tells Ayato she loves him, then Hiroko. Those Ollin brothers sure have a way with the ladies. Elvy says she admires him as a comrade; Souichi thanks him for his friendship. Then comes a mishmash of images; keep pausing for some quality nostalgia (the images go from most recent to oldest). Maybe I'll make a gallery one day...

Ayato flashes back to a moment with Haruka, who looks like Mishima, in the Junior High music room.

Ayato-Xephon totally starts fighting back, grows enormous wings, and absorbs Quon-Xephon and starts tuning the world (omg color's back!!), but Futagami shoots Bahbem before he can see it happen. Aww, after all that time and body-switching hassle and nothing to show for it :'(. The world is encased in a giant egg, which hatches.

Cut to the recreated, tuned world. Haruka and Ayato are married, with Ayato as their kid. See "The Ending" for closer analysis. Then, a scene between young Haruka and Ayato that Maya erased from his memory. Omg, it's Mishima Haruka!


Things to Note
  • Magritte Painting: Ayato's lying on it in the beginning; On the subway station walls; on the subway car walls; in New-World Ayato & Haruka's house
  • Red Vs blue: Ollin hair colors; Stripes on subway poles; blast colors; subway car colors.
  • What does Itsuki mean when he says he's finally found the blue bird? Was it because Sayoko felt caged or something? *doesn't get it*
  • 12/28/12 is the date the Mayans believe the world will end. Easy to dismiss, except the Mayan calendar is so accurate that even after thousands of years, it is only off by about eight seconds. Also kinda freaky, apparently there's some kind of code in the bible that says the world will end 2012. Start yer repentin'!!
  • The lego building of the Kamina house is all wrecked ;_;. Oh, the symbolism!
  • NOte the fizzled image of Haruka on the TV screen after Souichi talks.
  • PS: In my opinion, when Ayato shouts "Haruka!" that's his VA's finest moment in the series.
  • Note the cross-shaped sunbeam when we see the earth
  • Hindis believe that the god Brahman was born from a large golden egg, and then created the world from that egg. Also, John Churchward wrote that the Mu civilization left its influence on Burma, which is next to India.
  • Coda: Dandelion Girl is a reference to the short story "Dandelion Girl" by Robert F. Young. Check "Dandelion Girl" under Vocab. You can even read it online!
The Ending!
  • Basically, Ayato created a world where there was no Tokyo Jupiter, so no age difference between him and Haruka.
  • The Eiffel Tower souvenir shows that Ayato finally got to go to other countries like Europe X).
  • Look on the letter. See how there's the kanji for Torigai (Mamoru's last name), but then no kanji for Asahina? It means that Mamoru and Hiroko got married.
  • Ayato got Itsuki's hair! Why do they look so similar? Because they're twins, of course!
  • Haruka's hair color? Um, maybe it's that kind of black that turns brown in the sun? Maybe Ayato's memory got messed up when he was brainwashed? Okay fine, the hair colors are different to make the plot less obvious.
  • Haruka used to have the surname Mishima, but then her dad got caught in Tokyo Jupiter and her mom remarried Mr. Shitow.
  • Haruka and Ayato meet because Ayato's dad is researching the Neriya ruins, and Haruka is visiting her uncle. They start going out either then or when they get back to Tokyo and go to school together.
  • See the timeline (if I've made it by now) for further clarification on what happened.


    • ??? (Acoustic LLMdS) - Beginning
    • Dense Blue Water - Watari sets Michiru free
    • Protocols - Quon and Ayato wait for the subway
    • ??? - In the church
    • L'aile - Haruka and Maya in the curtained room
    • A few Memories - TV confessions of Looooove
    • Over the Senses - Ayato flashbacks to the music room
    • My Soundscape - Ayato-Xephon beats Quon-Xephon
    • ??? (Over the Senses remix) - The world is tuned
    • Before you Know - Credits
    • Over the Senses - Movie ad

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