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Doorway to the Tuning (Twin Music)


Futagami reveals himself as Juumonji, a high-ranking Alliance Official of the strategic intelligence division! So THAT's why he knew so much :). Makoto, locked up, goes crazy and draws with the chunk of magic clay with his hair in it.

Itsuki tells Haruka that he and Ayato were twin Ollins created by the Foundation, after Bahbem got his hands on the Ollin sisters the Mu sent, Maya and Quon. They used the DNA from the one in stasis, who didn't age, which happened to be Quon.

While the Mu send out all their Dolems for what looks like a massive battle (since 24 hours went by and RahXephon wasn't handed over),

Megumi sees Haruka and Ayato standing together, and shouts that she no longer likes Ayato, though she used to, and wishes her sister luck. It clearly took a lot of courage, so we all need to give Megumi props. Haruka tells Ayato that she went out with him when she was 14. Ayato confesses that he likes her back and apologizes for making her have to wait. They kiss (<3).

The Vermillions get deployed, as well as another kind of Foundation mech with Makoto clones for pilots. Cathy's Vermillion breaks apart, revealing some kind of Dolem creature under the armor, and she self-destructs over being shot down. Jeff sacrifices himself to save Elvy.

Helena (actually Bahbem), with Itsuki, tells Ayato he can't remain human. Ayato agrees because he wants to protect Haruka (oh geez). He merges with Ixtli and Xephon becomes the real RahXephon...which is, to say, rather freaky-looking


Things to Note
  • Ayato talks about hearing Kunugi's voice inside the shrine, which is when he mouthed "Mamorete" (Protect). I was confused about this until the third time I saw the series, so I'm just noting it here.
  • Does anyone know what the names of the Mu people mean? It sounds like "Sinon Mel Balam" for Mamoru, and "Quon Arpadis," But those spellings are most likely wrong.
  • NOte the girl pushing Old Bahbem in the wheelchair. Does she look familiar? She should, she's the tropical girl who shot the reporter from episode 12!


    • Hemisphere - Intro
    • ??? (acoustic version of LLMdS) - Beginning (not on OST)
    • ??? - Futagami reveals himself (not on OST)
    • ??? (Bahbem theme?) - Itsuki talks about the Ollins
    • Vanishing Jupiter - People evacuate; right before Sou and Kim talk.
    • Adolescent - Haruka and Ayato <3
    • ??? - Vermillions deployed
    • ??? (new YnT remix) - Fight! Fight!
    • Flew Over - Ayato merges with Ixtli
    • Invisible Motion - Xephon becomes RahXephon
    • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
    • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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