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From Here to Eternity (Where The Sweet Bird Song)


Kunugi and the rest of the TERRA staff come back. Rikudoh sees a ghostly Murian walk through him as the Mu world begins to overlap. Kuki appears at TERRA HQ and demands disarmament and that RahXephon be handed over, or a great disaster will occur in 24 hours.

The island of Nirai Kanai evacuates as TERRA tries to fight the massive Kuki-Dolem, but without RahXephon, nothing is effective. Mishima-Ixtli is on one of the evacuation ships...I guess even spiritual beings need conventional transport ;)

At Hiranipra (sp?), Mamoru criticizes Kuki for frolicking and Miwa expresses reservations about their actions.

Kunugi stays behind at the TERRA control center, and when Kuki's Dolem comes over, he creates a mini Tokyo Jupiter over Nirai Kanai, effectively sealing the Dolem and getting revenge on the Worst Boss Ever, but sacrificing himself in the process.

Ayato runs into Mishima-Ixtli by the Barber Shop from episode 4. They warp to the old shrine, which Ixtli explains is a passage to the Mu world through which the sent the original, intended Ollins (Maya and Quon). She says Ayato needs to become Yolteotl and tune the world, lest it become an ocean of mud (IE the universe will be destroyed, either by expanding until it's too cold or collapsing...fire-y-ly). Ixtli says Ayato must wish for her, lest she disintegrate. He does, as thanks for her protecting him, and because he wants to protect Haruka (uh-oh, lol). RahXephon reappears, singing.


Things to Note
  • Anybody know if the statue from the beginning of the episode actually exists, or if it alludes to anything?
  • Kunugi asks Souichi to think about "her" too...further proof that Kim is pregnant! :D Also, later on the ship, Megumi says Kim needed to talk to Sou...to tell him that she's pregnant!
  • Kunugi is a Giuliani figure - seen as a hardass for most of his tenure in command, but suddenly likeable at the very end :)
  • BIG SPOILER!!! When Itsuki sees Ayato with Ixtli, he recognizes Ixtli as young Mishima Haruka, and realizes that therefore Ayato must still like/love Haruka, if Ixtli were to take this form
  • Kunugi mouths "mamorete" (protect) before dying.


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • ??? (Acoustic version of La la maladie du sommeil) - Beginning (not on OST)
  • Perfect Noise - The ghostly Murians appear
  • The Door of Adolescence - Evacuation
  • Murians - Maya and her "court" of Mu people
  • Inner Take - Ayato and Elvy talk on the boat
  • Vanishing Jupiter - Kunugi back at TERRA control
  • Synchronic Brake Down - Kunugi fights back; Ixtli talks to Ayato
  • Quantum Corridor - Mini TJ formed; Kuki dies (yay!)
  • ??? (Acoustic LLMdS) - Saluting Kunugi
  • ??? (Polotsvian Dances melody theme) - Ixtli wants to be wished for
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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