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Operation Jupiter Obliteration (Down Fall)


Bahbem expressions little concern about Operation TJ Buster. Makoto fires Haruka (Shitow) after finding her awesome cartoon of him. Makoto checks his e-mail and gets a notice from the Alliance commanding him to abort plans for Operation Downfall (TJ Buster), but he instead orders the operation to start one hour early.

Megumi gets her sister's stuff, which includes a picture of her and Ayato together from 2011.8.10 (Is that August 10th or October 8th? I forget how they date things in Japan). Megumi realizes it'd be a lot harder to win over Ayato.

Sayoko gives Haruka documents about Makoto. She also explains that she "killed" her father and brother while they were researching the TDD system at the Bahbem Foundation, since the Bahbem people told her to, though they promised they'd ensure their safety.

Operation Downfall commences, and Quon and Ayato play/paint as they've never played/painted before!! Once Tokyo Jupiter is gone, both Ollins (Quon and Ayato) see their Ixtlis...Ayato's takes the form of Mishima Reika and Quon's takes the form of Ayato. The Ixtlis appear to an Ollin who has proved themselves worthy of Yolteotl, and take on the human form that the Ollin desires. They then keep the Ollin company when they live in Yolteotl. Quon accepts her Ixtli (which disturbs me, but I won't say why just yet...spoiler!), but Ayato rejects his: he doesn't love this Mishima person, he loves Haruka! But only after we see the origin of the cockpit's shape, and Maaya Sakamoto shows off her exalted pipes.

So, RahXephon goes crazy and can't even bother to go out through the opening up top in the Neriya Temple. It then grows wings. Also, Mu fortresses appear over every city, ever. Quon's egg hatches. Ayato slices up his painting, which practically kills Mishima and completely petrifies RahXephon, resealing it back in its egg. The Alliance justifiably fires Makoto, and he goes psycho and calls for Ixtli-Haruka, but no one remembers her. Also, Bahbem has taken over Helena's body.


Things to Note
  • What's with the blinking light on Quon's collar?
  • Ayato alludes to a Japanese children's book "Chiru Chiru Michiru", which I'm guessing is about a bird named Michiru. In Japan, birds say "chiru chiru" instead of "tweet tweet" :)
  • The reactor things for Operation Downfall are called JB-#...JB = Jupiter Buster?


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • ??? (Acoustic version of "La la maladie du sommeil") - Quon plays on the piano
  • Vanishing Jupiter - Makoto reads his e-mail
  • Innocent World - Megumi gets Haruka's stuff
  • Inner Take - Ayato at Kunugi's house
  • Dense Blue Water - Haruka and Sayoko in the garage
  • Secret Seeker - Haruka and Ayato look at his painting
  • Reverse Point - Setting up Operation Downfall
  • Quantum Corridor - Tokyo Jupiter goes bye-bye!
  • ??? - The Ixtlis appear
  • Vanishing Jupiter - RahXephon goes crazy
  • The Tremendous Egg - RahXephon is in its egg
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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