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The Carved Seal of Xephon (Good Bye My Friend)


Makoto creates a plan to destroy the Tokyo Jupiter Barrier.

At the Bahbem Foundation, Quon talks with Bahbem about Ixtli and other things (Ayato? Makoto? It's quite ambiguous...) after lifting her dress (in a totally hoey or totally naieve way) to show her mark thing.

Makoto, accompanied by Ixtli-Haruka (whom Mamoru realizes is Ixtli) visits Ayato. Makoto asks Ayato to cooperate.

Mamoru goes through Ayato's stuff and finds Megumi's message (from before he left for Tokyo Jupiter) and Hiroko's diary.

Sayoko drives Ayato to Itsuki's house, but is still clearly upset because Itsuki is angry with her. Itsuki assures Ayato that Quon is fine. He also chatises Ayato for acting relatively nonchalant when he tells him that Haruka has only been thinking of one man all this time, who doesn't notice her. After he leaves, we see Itsuki has the same Mark of Xephon on his tummy as Ayato does; Itsuki also calls Ayato his brother.

Mamoru visits Kunugi. He talks about Michiru, the bird, and warns about what will happen if they open up Tokyo Jupiter. He also explains about the Xephon System: The Ollin will tune Xephon and it will gain the title of Rah, becoming the "true" RahXephon. The Ollin, led by Ixtli, will gain the Yolteotl ("heart of truth", see the vocab section), and tune the world.

Megumi serves Mamoru dinner. He forcefully hugs her :). Later, Ayato is in the bath, he sort of figures out that Haruka likes him.

Ayato finds Mamoru, who nearly strangles Megumi and reveals he was never really Ayato's friend, rather only followed him around because he was an Ollin. Mamoru then warns Ayato that soon he won't be able to "remain human"


Things to Note
  • Wingsmut on Makoto at the beginning
  • Anyone know about Feynman? I know of a Feynman who was at Los Alamo, but I don't know if it's the same guy.
  • Kim is pregnant. Why else would she throw up? There's no other reason!
  • Kunugi alludes to his "former teacher" teaching him about the RahXephon system. This teacher happens to be Watari. I think. Watari used to be a professor.
  • Sayoko, Megumi, and Mishima all have similar shoes! :D
  • The man Haruka thinks about who doesn't notice her is Ayato.
  • Mamoru plays on his own name, which is Japanese for "guardian" or "protector"
  • Watch Mamoru's mad dissapearing skills with the windmill.


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Reverse Point - Explanation of TJ Buster
  • ??? - Makoto and Ixtli visit Ayato
  • The Door of Adolescence - Ayato talks with Itsuki
  • Polotsvian Dances - Kunugi sits in his house
  • Vanishing Jupiter - Mamoru visits Kunugi
  • Secret Seeker - Megumi serves Mamoru dinner
  • Inner Take - In the bathroom
  • A Few Memories - Mamoru talks to Ayato after almost strangling Megumi.
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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