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The Artisans Battle (Interested Parties)


Everyone returns to Nirai Kanai. Ayato is still upset about Hiroko's death. Makoto has taken over the position of Commander, since Kunugi is under trial for how he handled RahXephon's escape. Ixtli appears in a TERRA outfit, except instead of the name Mishima Reika, she now goes by Haruka. She uses her Luna-P hypnotism thing to have Makoto believe she's a new personnel at TERRA (she takes over for Megumi, who's on leave).

Doni talks to Elvy, apparently he likes her or something.

Mamoru appears to Ayato outside and comes to live with him. Mamoru says he got out of Tokyo Jupiter because of TERRA, and escaped to come see Ayato.

Watari meets with Itsuki at his house; apparently Itsuki has confiscated Ayato's painting while he was gone. The painting is of Mishima (if you've seen the ending credits, you'd know this), but Itsuki says the person in the painting is someone he likes.

Makoto arranges an affair with Haruka (Shitow), who complies to protect her sister and Ayato. Helena catches this behavior as jealousy of Itsuki, since he likes Haruka.

Two Dolems appear (Mamoru and a surfboard), and the Alpha Squad minus Elvy (she's off-duty) is dispatched. Yeah, the other Alpha Squadders get Vermillions (green ones) too.

Mamoru desperately freaks out to Ayato for help, and Ayato promises to protect him (oh geez) where he couldn't protect Hiroko. Um, you think he'd have learned something by now...

RahXephon joins the battle. Xephon kills the surfboard, Mamoru-Dolem kills Doni (tear tear), Xephon almost kills Mamoru-dolem but another surfboard (or the same surfboard, just magically healed) sacrifices itself to protect it.

Ixtli Haruka asks who Ayato wants to protect; he says everyone (uh-oh), she asks who, really. Cut to Haruka (Shitow).

Everyone mourns over Doni, and the Harukas have an existential dialogue about the purpose of relationships; Shitow is worried that Ayato won't get that what she does is for Ayato's happiness.


Things to Note
  • Ayato's comments to Makoto in the beginning make it seem like he's suicidal or something.
  • MAJOR SPOILER!! the person in the painting, Mishima, is Haruka when she was younger, so when Itsuki says he likes the person in the painting, he means Haruka.
  • What's with the stuffed sheep when Sayoko stands in the water?
  • Hey, RahXephon's headwings have a purpose! I thought they were just there for decoration...and wingsmut.
  • OMG Ixtli Haruka has headwings at the end omg!


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Polotsvian Dances - the beginning; Ayato in his room (not on OST)
  • ??? - Mishima appears
  • Over the Senses - Doni and Elvy talk
  • Their Secret - Mamoru and Ayato talk inside.
  • The Tremendous Egg - Helena and Makoto talk before the commercial break.
  • Vanishing Jupiter - Mamoru is fake-desperate to Ayato; later, when RahXephon activates
  • The Door of Adolescence - People mourn over Doni
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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