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A bit of rehash. Then, the “Invader” planes try to shoot the Fortissimo, but the Fortissimo manages to protect itself with a shield. RahXephon flies into the sky, with its headwings protecting its face. The planes try to shoot it, but it also shields itself and follows with a huge blast of light that obliterates all the planes except for the red one, which flies off. The Fortissimo then tries to fight RX, but the RX sends it flying. Hiranipura disappears. RX goes back to its egg.
Mu General Lady says that the Orin has been retrieved and is to be transferred to a hospital. More Mu Gov’t people analyze the tracker earring in Ayato’s bag and match the fingerprint to Haruka.
Ayato is at a hospital, but is given permission to leave. On the way out, he hears on the news that the Defense Force successfully countered the invasion. At that moment, he has a flashback montage of everything that had happened previously and goes into a mild shock. Later, he’s in a car driven by Creepy Turquoise-dressed lady!!! who is also his mom (and who manages to sing the closing credits, AND manages to compose all the show’s music! Go Ms. Hashimoto!). Ayato asks her if she saw the enemy’s weapon, and if it had wings on its head, but his mom says that she was too far away.
At home, Ayato calls Mishima, but says he’ll discuss the day’s events at school. His mom then Star 6 9s, but gets one of those Operator messages that says the number is not in service.
Ayato is at school, hearing a class that is taught in English by a teacher with a funny accent. Here’s what I think he’s saying:
“Why do we dream? Nobody knows exactly, but recent research by scientists is providing some important clues. Researchers at the University of Chicago, for example, have been studying a kind of song…” Ayato flashbacks to Haruka, but is called on. His buddy “helps him out” by saying that Ayato said it was useless to learn the language of a country that is gone. The teacher says that England and America are both gone, but songs and novels in English still remain.
Ayato is talking with Mamoru and Hiroko and mentions Mishima, but neither of them know who she is until she shows up and does the hypnosis thing on them.
Ayato and Mishima talk on the pool. Mishima says that she doesn’t think that it was a dream. We see that she has no reflection. Le Gasp!
At home, Ayato finds a note in his shoebox with a photo of the Fortissimo and RX that says for him to go to Shakuji park if he wants to know the “true form of this world”. That night, Haruka picks him up in a car she hijacked from SS people. She asks him how many people are in the world. He says 23 million, she answers 63 billion. Haruka rams the car through a gate and hijacks a fighter plane (it looks like one of the Terra fighters that was captured) (she plans to get out of Tokyo Jupiter right then)
Mrs. Kamina (first name Maya) is called, and she heads off to the temple.
Mishima walks over the water to RX.
The plane Haruka was trying to fly gets controlled by an unseen force and heads back to Rah’s Temple.
Mishima stands on RX’s shoulder and begins singing. When the plane enters Rah’s room through a hole in the celing, Ayato ejects and parachutes over to RX. The plane crashes and sinks, but Haruka gets out. Ayato’s eyes turn red again and he enters RX. RX’s eyes open (they’re yellow for now) and Ayato is in some kind of cockpit. He wigs out, again. Ayato’s flashback montage repeats. RahXephon’s eyes are now red. RX gets up. Mrs. Kamina arrives in the room, but a shrapnel cuts her face: she has blue blood.


Points of Possible Confusion
  • There’s a barrier around Tokyo, so its inhabitants believe that all other countries were destroyed in nuclear war.
  • A D-1 is a Dolem.
Things to Note
  • Yoknapatawpha (the code name of one of the Mu agents) was the name used in the novels of American author William Faulkner for his home region of N. Mississippi. Similarly, Macondo is the name used in the novels of Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez for his hometown. (thanks IMDb!)
  • Mishima has no reflection! Look into the pool.


  • Hemisphere - Opening Theme
  • The Chariot - Beginning, Dolem vs. TERRA fighters/RahXephon scene
  • Misty Midnight - Ayato leaves the hospital, flashbacks; the news
  • Lovely Night - classtime
  • He Feels Uneasy - Ayato heads home after school
  • Bad News - After commercial break; Dolem regenerates
  • Magic Handling - Haruka invades the Mu HQ and steals the plane
  • The Tremendous Egg - Maya heads to the temple; the Plane is overridden
  • Flew Over - Ayato gets in RahXephon (it continues to the end of the episode)
  • Yume no Tamago - Ending theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Song

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