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Blue Friend (Ticket To Nowhere)


The Vermillion comes out of Tokyo Jupiter, but RahXephon has been lost on the radar.

Ayato and Hiroko hide RahXephon in a lake. He then pawns their watches, despite being underage, and buys two tickets to Kagoshima. In a movie theatre, Hiroko has a nightmare about her and her Murian self; she wakes up to an anti-Murian PSA.

Futagami, confusingly, has been sent to find Ayato. He visits the pawn shop and is surprised to see two watches, one of which is clearly feminine. He tells Makoto that Ayato went to Kagoshima, but the Alliance that Kagoshima was only a deception.

Ayato gets a job. Hiroko is worried that he'll turn on her if she tells him she's a Murian. Later, they almost kiss, but RahXephon "wakes up" when a Dolem appears. However, the host of the Dolem this time is Hiroko herself. Ayato decides to fight it to protect Hiroko (note: Ayato is a sucky protector), but ends up killing her with the intention to save her, by killing the Dolem to which she was attatched. During the fight, Hiroko writes in her journal, and her writings appear on various screens throughout the city (the first couple are the same as the French tiles). She finally confesses her love for Ayato, right before she is killed.

Yeah, I need some Prozac now.

Anyway, Futagami finds Ayato, but Helena and the Bahbem Foundation find Futagami.


Things to Note
  • Um...Haruka would have been missing for about four days. Why weren't they more worried about her?
  • If Itsuki is Cold Champagne (X)) and Makoto is the White Snake, then what's Helena's nickname?
  • Note the Magritte painting in the hotel.
  • The French tiles mean, in order, "How are you?" "I have a problem" "Please help me"
  • Don't forget the letters that appear in the shockwaves when the Dolem crashes into things.


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Inner Take - Hiroko gives exposition.
  • Over the Senses - Shopping; on the bus
  • Phantom of Theatre - watching a movie
  • Runnin' - Futagami; after the pawn shop
  • Phantom of Theatre - Hiroko brushes her teeth. Yay for hygiene!
  • The Door of Adolescence - the scene b/t Hiroko and Ayato before RahXephon "activates"
  • The Second Sorrow - Hiroko dies ;_;
  • Writes Herself - Futagami finds Ayato
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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