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The Bond of Blue Blood (The Memory of A Lost City)


Haruka and Elvy visit the Junior high school where Ayato and Haruka went together. Haruka explains they went out back then but denies liking him now because of the age difference.

In her bedroom, Hiroko stresses about the changes happening in the past month, and has a flashback: a younger Ayato talking with a girl (not Hiroko), except he suddenly spazzes. Back at home, Ayato spazzes over his mom's blue blood and accidentally breaks ANOTHER mirror (omg 21 years!). Responding to Ayato's wigout, RahXephon wakes up and goes beserk on its room (it's been stored in the egg room where it originally was). Maya drugs Ayato to calm him down.

RahXephon flies across Tokyo to find it's distressed pilot (aww, how cute! XD). A bunch of Dolems knock it down, and it howls at the moon like a wolf (okay, I don't get the symbolism here).

Haruka and Elvy spy on some Mu soldiers. Elvy accuses Haruka of still being in love with Ayato. They see Hiroko, who is stopped by Mu soldiers, who are told to stand down by Mamoru, who is apparently part of the Mu goverment.

At the Kamina residence, Maya dodges the question about Ayato's father (being a Murian) and explains that she is not Ayato's birth mother. She speaks some more Nahuatl/Murian. Ayato freaks out and leaves, and Haruka follows him, but is stopped when she sees Maya. She introduces herself as Rikudoh Shougo's niece (and Ayato's junior high sweetheart) and Maya tells her to go after Ayato. Ayato runs into Hiroko, who is covered in Mamoru's blue blood. Ayato thinks that it's her blood though, and freaks. (Although it might actually be her blood...)

Quon somehow found a way to stand on top of her egg. Mishima/Ixtli meets her and tells Quon that she'll meet the "other me" (another Ixtli?) back in the real world. All three (Ixtli, Quon, and the egg) dissapear.

Ayato take Hiroko with him, and they leave Tokyo Jupiter. We see Ayato crying...probably dissapointment over how Tokyo has become?


Things to Note
  • When Kuki outside the Kamina's bathroom, look closely: he has the Mu symbol on his lapels.
  • RahXephon's King Kong moment! :D
  • Wait, didn't Falsetto die in episode 12?
  • Note: The Murians of RahXephon apparently are not the actual Murians that Churchward wrote about. When the first two human specimens appeared and later, when they appeared over Tokyo, people needed something to call them, so they called them Murians after the writings of James Churchward. Itsuki explains this in episode 5 (I think), and Maya confirms it in this episode. But since there's so much mythology and other kinds of connections to the "real Mu", you can just ignore this note entirely. ^^
  • I thought Quon's egg was black! ;_;
  • More Nahuatl? While Quon's egg is appearing: "Fatam Xephon Verizenisiq lafaquesis lafatiels quat. Lafass...eqete - - -" (too hard to transcribe ^^;) If anyone speaks Nahuatl, lemme know :D
  • Wow, serious pantyshottage on Hiroko at the end there.


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Inner Take - beginning
  • The Chariot - RahXephon rampages
  • ??? - both Dolems begin to fight
  • Murians - Maya in her house in her Mu outfit
  • The Tremendous Egg - Quon's egg appears
  • Quantum Corridor - Ayato and Hiroko leave TJ.
  • Vanishing Jupiter - The end
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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