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Return to the Labyrinth (Ground Zero)


TERRA changes to Operation B-3 Emergency Manual and sends Vermillion out to intercept RahXephon, which is heading to Tokyo Jupiter. Haruka rides along in Vermillion's cargo bay Makoto says that when Ayato is caught he will be tried for treason, and takes over control from Kunugi, who Makoto blames for letting this situation happen. When Vermillion intercepts, Allegrato fires at it, and Xephon enters Tokyo Jupiter, Allegrato following. Vermillion uses the TDD system and follows. Once it reaches Tokyo Jupiter, they are surrounded by Metronomes (Dolems), which don't attack, and RahXephon is nowhere to be found. They hide Vermillion in some shrubbery and look for Ayato.

He, meanwhile, is in a hospital, where Ixtli/Mishima shows him Maya (in her Mu outfit) with the Mu henchmen in a large mirror, which Ayato breaks (Oh noes!! 14 years!!). Quon is on life support. Maya comes to pick Ayato up, and then she and Quon speak Nahuatl to each other.

In the streets of Tokyo, Haruka and Elvy wonder why the people aren't bothered by the Dolems overhead. Elvy asks why Haruka likes Ayato so much.

On the way home, Ayato sees Mamoru and Hiroko. She says she feels like something's wrong. At home, Ayato bites his lip to see his blood, which is red; his mother bites her finger and it's blue. Ayato wigs out (for the millionth time this series) and Quon wakes up again.


Things to Note
  • I believe the mountain Allegrato hovers above is Mt. Fuji. (What else would it be? Lol)
  • The song Quon sings when they're entering Tokyo Jupiter is Borodin's "Polotsvian Dances"
  • TDD = TransDimensional Drive (but you got that, I'm sure ;) )
  • Can anyone PLEASE tell me what Quon says when she wakes up? It sounds like "Balimb Saku Melba Two" I'm guessing it's Nahuatl...Also, later, what Maya and Quon say: "Nain (9??) mema nekoba" "Espa (vespa?) masa"
  • McBonaruds...Lol!! :D


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Flew Over - beginning
  • Quantum Corridor - Xephon enters Tokyo Jupiter
  • Huge Suites - Elvy enters Tokyo Jupiter
  • Phantom of Theatre - Ayato in the hospital
  • ??? - In the Tokyo town square
  • Forbidden Ponds - Ayato at home
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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