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The Moon Princess


Ayato is upset and depressed over the relevation that he is a Murian and confonts Kunugi and Souichi, who say it doesn't really matter. He meets Watari who talks about his 'son', but Ayato doesn't want to listen. Megu also has reasons to be upset; after getting promoted from her trainee position she is crushed to find out that Kim and Souichi are together when she comes across them on the subway.

Ayato sees Haruka, but tells her off too and heads home where he meets Quon. Quon tells Ayato that she's a Murian like him, and asks him to take her to Tokyo. Ayato thinks its impossible, but realizes that there never really was anything blocking him from going there since he had RahXephon. With the help of Itsuki the two of them head off in RahXephon towards the barrier.

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Things to Note
  • Omg teh PURPLE SUIT OF DEATH is coming back to life!
  • Note the allusion to the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, about a man who raises a foundling who turns out to be the Moon Princess and has to return to the moon.
  • Rikudoh tells Haruka she should probably tell Ayato .... (IE A spoiler), so he knows something.
  • OMG Megu was planning to have sex with Souichi! Bad girl!! (Note how she's like "Yosh!" when looking at the naked mannequin ;) )
  • Megu says learning about Kim x Souichi doesn't hurt as much as she thought it would, and that she has to tell Ayato about her promotion, which indicates that her affections may have shifted.
  • SPOILER!!! When Itsuki says Quon is still family, Haruka thinks he's using that term figuratively, but oh, he's not.
  • SPOILER HINT: Rikudoh asks Watari if he was wrong not to tell Ayato something. What should he have told him? ;)


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • ??? - The Trio talks to Quon.
  • ??? - Ayato confronts Kunugi
  • ??? - Ayato and Quon talk; Megu goes lingerie shopping
  • Dense Blue Water - When Makoto and Sayoko talk
  • 12 Years - When Haruka and Megu talk
  • Inner Take - Kim apologizes to Megu
  • Secret Seeker - Haruka and Ayato talk on the boat
  • The Door of Adolescence - When Ayato meets Quon at his home
  • Adolescent - When Ayato says farewell to Haruka
  • Flew Over - When RahXephon takes off
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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