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Child Hood's End


Three children (Chibi Makoto, Helena, and Itsuki) meet a singing mound of clay that eats rocks. They are then punished by the Teacher, who looks exactly like Makoto, for sneaking out at night.

At choir practice, we learn that Makoto is a "D," which means he is still better than average humans but not as good as the "B"s, Helena and Itsuki.

The Teacher and the Butler discuss the singing mound creature, which was made with "leftover dirt".

Makoto and Itsuki visit the creature, without Helena. She inevitably shows up and threatens to tell on it, but Makoto sings and it activates, looking very dangerous, and he threatens to sic it on her. Helena, later, calls it a devil's child. After she falls asleep, Itsuki tells Makoto that she's related to the boss. Makoto wants to see his parents.

The next day, Makoto and Itsuki have to write a report on the life in the courtyard for waking up late, while Helena gets free time. The two use the time instead to find more rocks to feed to the Creature, which glow slightly. Helena, meanwhile, creates a demon-killing potion from a book she read, but runs and tells the Butler about it when it fires a laser beam nearby. They go and shoot it up, but Makoto arrives and sings, giving it power to create a shield and fire back. Itsuki and Makoto then ride it out of the Ruins, while seeing many other similar mounds in the cavern. Once they reach the exit, Makoto is excited that the Creature (a primitive Dolem) will get to see its parents, but tragically, it breaks apart and crashes, unable to survive outside the cavern bounds. The Teacher tells Makoto the clay has no parents, and Makoto asks if he is the same way. His hair is then cut short because the clay got stuck in it, giving him the haircut he keeps to this day. Modern-day Makoto muses existentially.


Things to Note
  • The title, "Child Hood's End" is a reference to the novel "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clarke. The novel also has a character named "Helena" and disc-shaped (?) alien creatures named "Overlords" (though I have yet to read this book so this is based on sketchy information)
  • Bahbem painting on the wall at the very beginning
  • Yeah, I thought Chibi-Makoto was actually Chibi-Ayato for a while, lol. And that Itsuki was a girl :D
  • Does anyone know anything about the old man, who seems to be in charge? IE who he is?
  • The 'boss' they keep talking about is Bahbem.
  • Note that D and Devil have the same initial. Not very important, but just note it.
  • The book Helena has is titled "Metodo de Corpeli Diablo" (sp?), which sounds like it means "How to Kill Demons"


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Their Secret - Beginning
  • Forbidden Ponds - Choir Practice
  • A few memories - Itsuki and Makoto visit the Dolem again
  • Secret Seeker - Makoto and Itsuki talk on the balcony
  • Innocent World - Helena makes a Creature-killing potion
  • Midday Dream - Heading off to kill the Dolem thing.
  • Inner Take - Itsuki, Makoto, and the Dolem thing escape
  • Quantum Corridor - The dolem dies ;_;
  • L'aile - The haircut
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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