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Despite Itsuki's report saying Quon has not yet awakened (as an Ollin), Helena has "reliable information disputing that," namely the disc that Sayoko gave to Makoto. Itsuki is mad at Sayoko for this betrayal.

Back at the shrine, Futagami tells Haruka that Rikudoh Shougo, her uncle, had a daughter, despite being single, who left the house before Haruka was born. She got married in Tokyo and took the last name "Kamina". IE She is Ayato's mom.

Elvy has no problems piloting the new Vermillion, but Watari and Kunugi (especially the latter) have reservations about accepting this gift.

Souichi has reservations too, since the Vermillion is a weapon of invasion while TERRA is more for self-defense. He lets it slip that he doesn't want to kill innocent Murians like Ayato, which both Elvy AND Ayato hear. Both are upset: Elvy because she's been defending one of the enemy all this time; Ayato because he's been lied to about his race.

After a scene where Ayato angsts to Souichi, Elvy angsts about how she was excited about not needing Ayato to go into the battlefield and fight for them.

Ayato finally decides to go fight, and Alternate, the Dolem, creates a Donut universe* around Xephon and Vermillion. Guided by Mishima, Xephon shoots an arrow that bounces off Vermillion's shoulder and hits Alternate, killing it. However, Elvy's pissed for getting shot at -- by a Murian, no less! *gasp*. There is a large white blast (presumably caused by Xephon) and time jumps back 20 minutes, explaining 1) the shift in Itsuki and Makoto's conversation, 2) how Alternate reappears, and 3) why Helena's data has 20 more minutes than Haruka thinks happened. Alternate, this time, is killed by Vermillion, and Elvy's proud that she did it all by herself. Ayato is mad that he's no longer needed and punches a mirror. Tsk tsk, seven years!!


Things to Note
  • Quon has blue blood. Well duh.
  • Apparently, it's called Vermillion just to keep up with the red vs. blue theme.
  • The aria of Alternate, the dolem, sounds just like the guy from the Neo-Ranga trailer. Random, I know, but I just had to say it.
  • Itsuki = Cold Champagne! Long live IxM!! :D Just kidding.
  • *Donut Universe: keep going in any direction and you'll get back to where you started. I'd draw a diagram to explain but I'm lazy.
  • Makoto splashes his "cold champagne" on Itsuki because he was about to call him a "D". You'll get it later.
  • Note more red/blue symbolism on Alternate.


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Lovely Night - beginning
  • Misty Midnight - The shrine
  • The Door of Adolescence - Ayato and Souichi talk
  • ??? (YnT Flute remix) - Ayato angsts some more.
  • The Chariot - Fighting Alternate
  • Invisible Motion - Alternate "dies"
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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