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Sleeping Beauty


Haruka visits the Great War Memorial Hall, where an unidentified source informs her documents showing Quon was in Sendai are probably fakes. At dinner, we get hints that Ayato likes Haruka. A vague discussion between Makoto and Isshiki tells us that neither Ayato nor Quon is "complete", but Itsuki wishes that Ayato will be soon.

A Dolem appears, but since it is too high up to effectively attack, and hasn't made any offensive moves, TERRA lets it be.

Sayoko spends most of this episode sneaking around, trying to get information out of people. First she and Haruka talk about the date the first human Mu specimen was found; Sayoko thinks it's 1989, but Haruka says that can't be so. (Despite her friendly appearance, she seems to dislike Haruka intensely.) She then confirms from Ayato that Quon actually WAS in RahXephon.

Kunugi and Rikudoh meet. Apparently they are friends, sorta?

Haruka reads over Quon's background info. Watch for the Flashbacks!

Haruka meets with Futagami at the old Shrine. He tells her that the name, appearance, and age of the leader of the Bahbem Foundation have been the same since 1576, and that the original leader was Ernst von Bahbem of the Naacal Trading Company. He then gives her the medical records for the first human Mu specimen, who happens to be Quon (surprise surprise).

At a bar, a broken-down Sayoko gives Makoto a disc.

At another bar, Itsuki talks to Haruka about their break-up. You won't understand what Itsuki's talking about unless you've seen the rest of the series, so don't fret. He forcefully kisses her, and Ayato sees, which upsets Haruka. Quon comes in; Suddenly, only Ayato and Quon can hear the D-1 aria. Quon has flashbacks of being in a fancy bed with Bahbem waking her up, and then earlier, of being in a hospital bed, with Watari and Maya talking, and even earlier, of her and another young girl by the Shrine. RahXephon sorties and kills it with a new Bow and Arrow attack because it's calling Quon and it sounded like his mom.

In a bar, Makoto accuses Futagami of leaking documents about the first human specimen (Quon), which he denies.

Itsuki and Quon talk, and we learn that she may be planning to go back to Tokyo Jupiter.

A package (the Vermillions) is coming, accompanied by Helena of the Bahbem Foundation.


Things to Note
  • Ayato stares at Haruka's boobs at dinner! Just thought I'd let you know XD
  • More Sleeping Beauty allusions. And poor Itsuki is jealous of Quon getting inside RahXephon.
  • The boyfriend Megumi talks about on the boat is Itsuki.
  • Mild spoiler? Sayoko doesn't like Haruka because Itsuki likes her, and she's jealous.
  • Why does Sayoko always come see Ayato when he's changing? Oh wait, I know ;)
  • During the scene where Haruka reads over Quon's info, don't pay attention to what she says, most of it is made up anyway. DO pay close attention to the flashbacks...if you're smart, you can get a LOT out of them. Hint: the year the flashbacks take place is the same as the one Haruka just said for whatever Quon supposedly did.
  • Just had to note this: Russian nesting dolls on top of Haruka's TV, when Watari just brought back Russian nesting dolls from his trip to Russia.
  • Chibi-Megu!! *heart*
  • See the Vocab page for info about Naacal
  • The song Quon plays for Ayato is a "remix" of "Polotsvian Dances" by Borodin.
  • All of Itsuki's china has the Bahbem logo on it --> suspicious!
  • Hmm...what are Watari and Maya doing in Quon's hospital room? Why would they be all chummy? hmmmm.... ;)


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • ??? - Haruka leaves the Great War Memorial Hall
  • The Tremendous Egg - The Dolem appears
  • Lovely Night - Haruka and Sayoko talk
  • ??? (YnT flute remix) - Quon's info
  • Misty Midnight - Futagami gives Haruka the scoop
  • Dense Blue Water - Makoto and Sayoko at the bar
  • Solitudes - Haruka and Itsuki at a bar
  • ??? - Xephon fights the Dolem; Flashbacks
  • Invisible Motion - Xephon kills the Dolem
  • He Feels Uneasy - Makoto and Futagami in another bar
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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