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A photographer heads out to a mysterious archeological site, but is promptly shot to death by the very woman who brought him there. At Nirai Kanai, Quon, in a deep sleep is watched over by Ayato as Sayoko and Mokoto are together nearby. [Lol, teh s3x0r!] Haruka is shocked when she walks by and sees him leaving. She meets Ayato in the elevator as he is leaving, but Ayato is too uncomfortable after what happened in the previous episode to stay long. Elvy, talking to Doni, is uncomfortable about the position they on the Alpha Squad have been relegated to, mostly just support for RahXephon. Ayato sees Futagami, who shows him a picture of his mother with the rest of the traitors in the Mu.

Helena, of the Barbem Foundation sends Doctors to investigate Quon, but when they arrive they find her missing. Quon is wandering around, and meets Mishima, who tells her she's an Ollin. Ayato sees Quon near the bay, but she vanishes once he leaves. A new Dolem attacks, and both RahXephon and the Alpha Squad is sent out, but Ayato becomes distracted when he finds Quon inside RahXephon with him. Quon ascends to above him and reaches up into a void, causing black feathers to fall over the earlier seen excavation site and black wings appear. The Dolem uses the opportunity to absorb RahXephon though, but Ayato breaks his way out of it [using RahXephon's Sexy lightsaber thing!] at the last second. The wounded Dolem fades away while Ayato is left with a passed out Quon in his arms.


Things to Note
  • Lol, Sleeping Beauty Allusion!!
  • Haruka has wings when Ayato leaves the elevator!
  • I STILL don't get what's with little Helena. Anyone care to explain?
  • Jeff mentions Duparc's rhapsodies. I don't know much about Duparc, so I'll just direct you to his Wikipedia entry.
  • ...I just wanted to say...the Bahbem people have awesome uniforms. Okay I'm done.
  • Note the change in Quon's eye color when she's at the pier.
  • Is the name of the Foundation managed island, Kalung Mutiara (sp?), significant?
  • Note the logo on the black egg is the same as on Quon's belly.


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • ??? - Archeology seen at beginning
  • He Feels Uneasy - Quon wakes up; Haruka and Sayoko talk
  • ??? - in the Bahbem Foundation
  • Vanishing Jupiter - Jeff's headphone music
  • First Explosion - Casey's boombox music
  • Temptation - When Quon is found missing.
  • ??? - Quon awakens as an Ollin.
  • Magic Handling - Terra's forces head out to fight the Dolem
  • ??? - When they fight the Dolem (not on OST)
  • ??? - When Quon reaches up and the black wings appear
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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