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A dolem is pwning RahXephon; Ayato is...writhing on the floor of the cockpit (the water seems to have drained and the seat thing has tipped over). It encases Xephon in a mini Tokyo Jupiter.

Now the weirdness starts. Ayato is in a dream/nightmare version of Tokyo. There are flashes of a Murian, which gets a little closer to the screen each time. He meets up with Mamoru and Hiroko and they play a shoot-em-up game in the arcade, which disturbs Ayato, who's see real war. Mamoru leaves to take a phone call and Hiroko hits on Ayato. He runs away and sees an inflatable penguin with Mishima's neck ribbon explode.

He runs into Haruka and they go get coffee. Existentialistic dialogue occurs! Murian flash, and then suddenly Ayato is on top of Haruka, grabbing her boob. He tries to pull away, but she grabs his hand 0.o. Haruka talks about how he really wants her. He freaks out.

Ayato goes to his house, where his mom makes dinner for him. The reporter on the TV asks Ayato if he's there and tells him to switch his FH suit to mode C to let them know he's alive (he kinda looks like Rikudoh...). His mom turns off the TV.

Ayato's painting suddenly appears in his room. Cut to Quon, who's stripped and is wigging out.

Ayato's mom tries to convince him to stay in Tokyo Jupiter, but Ayato criticizes her parenting skills.

Ayato runs into Mishima at a park. He tells her he wants to return to the real world. She pulls a large stake out of his mouth and the RX cockpit appears in the lake. He gets in and beats the Dolem back in the real world.



Okay, yeah, I know: this episode is weird, but understandable if you've seen more of the series. So chill ^^. And if you haven't seen more of the series, DON'T CONTINUE, for spoilers shall be revealed.

This episode is both a message sent by the Mu to Ayato, as well as a shadow of things to come. The Mu (mostly his mom, Mu-queen that she is). The Mu want Ayato to come back - he can live a normal life, as he used to live, where he can go hang out with friends, etc., less worries more fun, and then pilot RahXephon on the side when he needs to. However, Ayato complains that this world feels fake, like a shroud pulled around him (like...the Matrix!! Lol). This foreshadows when he REALLY goes back to Tokyo Jupiter and how weird it would feel. It also foreshadows the actual nature of Tokyo Jupiter (SPOILER!! TURN AWAY!!), how it was all created and shaped around Ayato, to make him feel like he was living a normal life.

Even more foreshadowing: How both Hiroko and Haruka like him :)

Things to Note
  • Notes on the High Score list (most are speculative)
    • Minami - Masahiko Minami, Producer (Bones)
    • AAA - someone too lazy to type their name in
    • Buchi - Buchi the cat
    • Nakata - Nataka Johji, VA for Kunugi Jin
    • Peco - ??
    • Shun - ??
    • Fujita - ??
    • Yutaka - Yutaka Izubuchi, Creator/Producer
  • The bartender in the cafe is Yomoda Youhei (Gomi's pal)
  • Is the painting behind Haruka in the coffee shop an actual painting? (Me actually wondering)
  • Haruka's line about whether he is watching a butterfly's dream or whether a butterfly watches his dream probably has something to do with the Obsidian Butterfly thing later; Maybe it's about the Quantum weather butterfly?
  • Magritte painting on the bus
  • The Mishima doll in the grass right before Ayato gets home.
  • In the "interference" on the TV, there are shots of Mishima/Ixtli, but then a shot of Haruka. Hmmmm?
  • Quon is miming pulling a stick out of her mouth, the Dolem's method of controlling RahXephon. I don't know why she stripped, though, that skank.
  • By "improvising" she means straying from the set "score" of how he should do things (specifically, fighting the Dolems for TERRA).


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • Face Lost - The Dolem pwns RahXephon
  • ??? - Hiroko, Ayato, and Mamoru around Tokyo
  • Avent, Ren Dez Vous - Haruka and Ayato in the bar
  • Lovely Night - Ayato in his room
  • Murians - Maya on the ground in the weird room.
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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