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Starts off with RahXephon and the A-team, er, Alpha Squad, beating a Dolem. Quon plays a sad violin song for Kunugi. Kunugi gets a letter from Mariko (his ex-wife, as it is later revealed). Quon tells Ayato she forgot something at Jin's place, but no one knows who "Jin" is (It's Kunugi). Gomi and his friend freak out at the knowledge that she goes over there about two nights a week, since they both have crushes on her ;)

Itsuki shows Ayato some flowers that bloomed with extra buds when Quon's violin music was played to them. Ayato listens and says there's "incompatibility" in the tune.

Futagami encounters Kunugi while he's shopping and buys a violin-playing stuffed squirrel for his "niece". He then talks about how it was actually the US army in Japan that attacked the MU first, not the other way around; that man who ordered the attack (who was also in the National Defense) shouldered the blame onto one of his men and dissapeared, and that it was a hydrogen bomb that was used, but the man who took the blame did not know it. A flashback confirms that Kunugi was the man who took the blame. But also note: The guy who ordered the attack sounds familiar, doesn't he? Yup, it's Kuki, Maya's henchman. Oooh!! :D. Futagami hints at Kunugi that he knows his past, but Kunugi offers him a job at the place he works: the Alliance. From Futagami's reaction, you can tell that Kunugi is on to something about him :) (which I shall not say, for spoiler reasons).

After running into Elvy and Haruka in town, Megumi and Ayato go to see a Restaurant ship and Futagami runs into them there. They then see Kunugi board the ship. Futagami tells them it's Kunugi's daughter's birthday. Kunugi meets with his ex-wife, Mariko, who is moving and changing her name. She gives Kunugi a piece of sheet music that his daughter wrote while thinking of him, as well as a photo of her. Kunugi then visits her grave, and we see a shot of the bluebird in his office, with an anklet that says "MICHIRU".


Things to Note
  • According to a clock, it's Febuary 20th, so quite a bit of time has passed since last episode.
  • "I'd never go out with a guy who puts soy sauce on fried shrimp!" --> best quote ever :D
  • Gomi and teh other guy = <3
  • The logo on Itsuki's coffee cup. It's the logo of the Bahbem foundation.
  • SPOILER: Kunugi's daughter, Michiru, was killed in the blast of the hydrogen bomb that Futagami was talking about.
  • The crucifix on Michiru's grave indicates that Kunugi is probably Christain.


  • Hemisphere - Intro
  • ??? - Megu, Ayato, and Quon talk.
  • Their Daily Lives - Kunugi goes watch shopping
  • Bad News - Futagami and Kunugi talk in the concert hall
  • ??? (YnT remix from bike ride) - Kunugi and Mariko talk
  • Yume No Tamago - Ending Theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Theme

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