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Invasion of the Capital


People prepare for what looks like an aerial battle. Ayato sketches a painting. His mom leaves him a note saying she’ll be late b/c of work. He heads to the train/subway station and meets up with his friends, Torigai Mamoru and his girlfriend Asahina Hiroko. While Mamoru crams for a chem. exam, Asahina says that Ayato works hard on his sketching. Then, the train crashes. Cut to scary secret agent-ish people (who I shall refer to as SS1 and SS2) who say that they’ve dispatched “various personnel to the Exam center” (we can assume in order to get Ayato). The song “Bad News” plays. On the train, Mamoru is unconscious, but Ayato notices that Asahina has a cut. He rushes off to get help. Outside the tunnel, he notices that the train crashed on a pile of rubble, and it is basically a war scene outside. Ayato wigs out. Haruka boards the train, but sees that Ayato isn’t there, and rushes off to follow him (she rechecked where he was using that tracking device she slipped into his backpack). Meanwhile, Ayato is outside running for his life from collapsing buildings and such when he hears a girl singing. He finds her and runs up to her, and when she turns around, he suddenly “knows” who she is (she goes by the name Mishima Reika, and is apparently a classmate of Ayato’s). They discuss the pending war over some cans of soda, when Mishima stands up after hearing another song (the Dolem song; you’ll become very familiar with this).
Mamoru and Hiroko are chilling in some kind of civilian shelter when they see a big Dolem appear and destroying stuff (nearby buildings, invading planes, etc.) with its laser beam. Ayato asks if it’s the Defense Force’s Secret Weapon. SS1, in a helicopter, calls it the “crucial factor in protecting the capital”. SS2 sees Ayato through his binoculars and says “Bingo”.
Cut to the secret Mulian Government HQ! We see a freaky girl dressed in purple (took me a while to get any clue about who she is). We see a general dude talk with a well-dressed lady. A big screen in front of them shows the current Dolem vs. Planes fight. General guy asks if it’s okay to deploy the Alegretto (this particular Dolem’s name; they all have names related to music). Lady says not to worry about “him” (Ayato), for “it” (RahXephon) cannot awaken without an Ollin* (the pilot), and that even if it awakens, it cannot sing. But we’ll see about that ^_~. A lady behind the two of them says that the Ollin (Ayato) has been found.
Cut to subway. Mishima stands in front of a specific painting that will appear again, so watch for it. Scroll down to Themes and Motifs for info on this painting. Then, she disappears, abandoning Ayato. Finally, SS1 and SS2 confront him. A train comes, and SS2 grabs him and is about to board the train. Ayato demands an explanation, but SS1 sticks a gun to his head. Then, Haruka rushes to the scene, utilizes her mad kung-fu skills, and proceeds to beat the crap out of the SS people. In other words, you must love Haruka. Ayato is tossed to the side, where he picks up a gun that was dropped. After Haruka kicks SS2, his blood (which was blue) squirts on poor Ayato, who sees it and wigs out (again). After Haruka kicks an unconscious SS2 onto a moving escalator (this feels like a homage to a certain movie or something), Ayato points the gun at her, demanding an explanation and asks who she is. Haruka calls herself a “guardian of justice” (going by the subs, here) and asks for a “thank-you” for helping him out (apparently, the gun would make a nice thank-you). Ayato hands it to her, bows and thanks her politely, and goes to leave, but Haruka catches on to his curiosity about why the guards had blue blood. Ayato “grunts” (XD), knowing that she’s right, and could probably answer his questions. Or maybe he’s just frustrated that she knows more than him. Haruka promises an explanation and “everything about this world” if he’ll come with her. Ayato says that he has no interest in women older than him (XDD). Haruka points the gun at him and tells him not to embarrass a girl (seriously, how can you not love this woman?). Ayato glances over and sees Mishima on the train that has now arrived at the station, and makes a break for it when SS1 has been revived and grabs Haruka. She beats SS1 up, again, but is unable to catch Ayato. When the train leaves, she gives this longing look at it.
On the train, Ayato says that he’ll protect Mishima.
They arrive at Xephon Temple. In one of the rooms, they see a big thing that looks like a giant mummy casket but is actually another Dolem.
Cut to SMG (secret Mulian Government) HQ. Military girl says that Ayato and Mishima are heading for Rah’s room. Turquoise lady says to deploy the Fortissimo, too. Another girl (in red) appears with another Mayan headdress next to the girl with the purple dress. Ayato and Mishima arrive in a big room with a big egg in the middle.
Outside, the Fortissimo gives a low scream that shatters glass and pesky invader planes. Then, a big thing appears (I’m so descriptive, I know).
In the big room, Ayato falls on the floor, clutching his head. Another song similar to the Dolem song plays. Mishima is fine. The egg begins glowing. Mishima sings again, the same high note that she sang before. Ayato hears Mishima’s voice inside his head telling him to awaken. A drop of water falls (??) and Ayato’s eyes open (but now they’re red), and he whispers “RahXephon”. A wing busts out of the egg, and we see the silhouette of RahXephon in the egg. Cut to Haruka on a rooftop. The “big thing” that now looks like a floating city with a huge cannon appears. Haruka asks if it’s “Mu, our enemy,” but it’s actually Hiranipra (sp?), a city thing that was built by the Mu people.


Points of Possible Confusion
  • Operation Overlord was the code name for D-Day
  • The people who "might have made contact" are Haruka and Ayato, and the "defense line" is the barrier of Tokyo Jupiter.
  • Ayato suddenly knows who Mishima is because she can hypnotize people into recognizing her, a la Chibiusa with her Luna-P in Sailor Moon.
Things to Note
  • The big fat things on the "Invading" planes (that are attached in the very first scene) are called the "TDD system" and allow the planes to enter the Tokyo Jupiter barrier.
  • At the first sight of Ayato on the train, look over his right shoulder. Look who's there!!
  • At the shot of Ayato's house right as the the two Mu cohorts discuss finding Ayato, look in the sky. Jet trails!
  • Asahina's blood is RED (you'll understand later).


  • Wagner's "Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg" - Kunugi is listening to on his headphones (this is NOT on the OST)
  • 12 Years - Ayato at his house
  • Bad News - Reporters look at the screen in their car; Ayato and co. on the crashed subway train
  • Tailspins - Air Battle
  • ??? - when Ayato sees Mishima (I believe this song is not on the OST anyway)
  • ??? and ??? - the RahXephon signs for the commercial break. The first is probably not on the OST, but I'm not positive about the second.
  • Murians - Maya and co. in the Government HQ
  • ??? - when Haruka is kicking Murian ass (Trust me, this is NOT on the OST, I looked.)
  • ??? - Ayato and Mishima get out of the train (95% sure not on OST)
  • The Tremendous Egg - Ayato and Mishima go in Rah's room
  • Temptations - RahXephon Awakens; Haruka looks at Hiranipra
  • Yume no Tamago - Ending theme
  • Previous Notice - Preview Song

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